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Los Angeles Lobster Festival

Los Angeles Lobster Festival
Los Angeles Lobster Festival

It’s almost time again for this years Port of Los Angeles LOBSTER FESTIVAL! This year, the port of Los Angeles is opening on September 12-14th for it’s annual lobster feast where 16 tons of live Maine Lobster. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, gates open from 5pm-11pm on Friday, 11am-11pm on Saturday and 11am-11pm on Sunday.
These lobsters aren’t like any other. They are specially flown in daily the Atlantic and each meal comes with savory side dishes, including cole slaw, sweet bread, potatoes, lemon and butter sauce for dipping your lobster. There’s lots to eat at the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival in addition to lobster. The menu varies from year to year depending on the vendors, but we usually have many other seafood items including steamed and fried clams, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, roast corn, funnel cakes, and all varieties of traditional fair food.
International Lobster Festivals, Inc. is the only company in California who specializes in producing lobster-themed events. They began producing Lobster Festivals in 1995 for the City of Redondo Beach, and since 1999 for the Port of Los Angeles. The Lobster Festivals all have a way of bringing friends, fun and family together.

$20 Lobster Meals & 2 Lobsters for $34.00.

Entrance cost $10.00 for adults. However, print a $1 coupon online to save a buck.
Kids admittance under age 12 is FREE! ADMISSION DOES NOT INCLUDE A MEAL. Rides, games, food and some activities may cost extra. CASH ONLY ACCEPTED AT THE BOX OFFICE.