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Los Angeles Kings are up by two games against Anaheim Ducks

Los Angeles Kings are ahead in playoff series against Anaheim Ducks.
Los Angeles Kings are ahead in playoff series against Anaheim Ducks.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Southern California hockey fans are on their toes as they watch the freeway series for the NHL playoffs. It's no surprise both teams have come this far in the playoffs, and it's exciting to see a series between two southern california teams unravel. The Los Angeles Kings definitely has the upper hand as it is winning by two games after its match on Monday May 5. This may be one of the most exciting matchups of the playoffs.

It was quite the victory for the Kings to get to this series against the Anahiem Ducks, because it was down 3-0 in its series against the San Jose Sharks. The Kings showcased its talents in round one, when it was able to turn the series around and win 4-3. The Kings is out to prove it is the hockey champion of California. It may earn the crown if the freeway series continues in the fashion it has begun.

The Ducks should not be counted out yet, because it was able to win its series against the Dallas Stars even though Dallas also took two games from its series. It was not the first two games of the series, as the Ducks have experienced this time, but it was still something it had to overcome. The Ducks finished the series against the Stars 4-2, and it is possible to pull that off again if the Kings slip. That is a big if though.

It is really the series all california hockey fans are following. Everyone wants to know which california team is going to make it to round three. They will either love or hate it, but they will be reminded that it is the best team in California. If all goes well that same team will be battling for the Stanley Cup.