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Los Angeles high school sports: How misinformation spreads

So I cover this game between Thousand Oaks High School and Valencia, in Thousand Oaks.  Most fun I've had in a long time, and I really hope to cover another game next week, and to get the same adrenaline from having my deadline come up at me faster than I ever expected.  
But the deadline does come fast, and as I type stats onto the page faster than my brain can process them, I let some numbers shift where they shouldn't.  And so I type that Valencia hero Steven Manfro ran 19 times for 190 yards (which is true) and threw a 44-yard completion on a running-back pass (also true) and caught 13 passes for 145 yards (which is false).  In fact, Manfro caught 7 passes for 115 yards; his counterpart Rickey Minyard ran 13 times for 145 yards ... thus the confusion.
So I tried to fix it but it was too late, and then Varsity Times Insider's Eric Sondheimer picked up my misinformation.  So it's possible that because of a first-time writer being on an early deadline, this kid's going to have six extra catches for 30 extra yards all season long.