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Los Angeles earthquake strikes

A Los Angeles earthquake struck with a 4.4 magnitude on Monday. The Los Angeles quake has been reported as being shallow and centered six miles from Westwood, according to the United States Geological Survey as reported by the Los Angeles Times on Monday morning. It was the largest Los Angeles earthquake in the past 6 years.

The city of Los Angeles struck by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake on St. Patrick's Day 2014

Northern California quake has 6.9 magnitude

The temblor which happened at 6:25 a.m. PDT at a depth of five miles resulted in no reports of injuries or damage thus far. The earthquake was experienced in a large area of Southern California, mostly in the San Fernando Valley and in Westside. An assumed aftershock occurred at 7:23 a.m. in the same area, measured as at 2.7.

The quake is the most significant in this area of Southern California since 2008 when an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 struck in Chino Hills.

Seismologist Robert Graves with the United States Geological Survey says that there is a minute possibility that the current earthquake could be followed by an equal or larger shake. The probability of that happening, he said, is 5 percent, and it would happen within the next several hours of the original quake.

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