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Los Angeles earthquake shakes live TV; anchors dive for cover on KTLA (video)

Los Angeles earthquake drills were probably pretty useful on Monday morning. The week began far less than usual today when the residents of the area were jostled out of their beds with a bit of a roll, jump and bounce. The area is prone to earthquakes so nobody can be shocked, but the locals were a bit surprised. According to the Los Angeles Times on Monday morning, the earthquake registered as a 4.4, which is the largest since 2008.

Being the earthquake was so early in the morning, people around Los Angeles were getting ready for work. The anchors for KTLA were on the air live and viewers tuned in watched earthquake in action. Safe to say it is every news anchor for themselves at KTLA News 5. As the anchors acknowledge there was an earthquake in progress, Chris Schauble dove under the desk as Megan Henderson seemed far calmer. She, too, got under the desk but in a far more dignified manner.

Chris Schauble’s face was priceless and since there was no damage in the Los Angeles area from the quake, it’s probably cool to giggle at his over the top facial expressions. It seems the whole ordeal caught him by surprise and in the process the viewers got to see a very concerned TV anchor at the news desk of KTLA.

Thankfully, Chris Schauble, has a great sense of humor and is already sharing his funny expressions with the viewers of Southern California. Since this was only considered a “light earthquake” who knows what expressions Schauble will have for a big earthquake? Let us all hope we never get to find out.

Take a look at the video clip of Chris Schauble and the KTLA on air anchors dive for cover on Monday morning in Los Angeles.

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