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Los Angeles doctor wins best album award with weight loss and diet CD

Dr. James Walton
Doctor James Walton

A weight  loss and diet CD by a Los Angeles doctor has won top honors in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

Walton's Ultimate Weight Loss CD was named Best Album in the Self-help category at the awards program, which is held in Nashville. The CD provides coaching, guided self-hypnosis, and meditation set to music.

"My album is on weight loss, however, it is not about judging the body you already have," Walton said as he accepted the award in Nashville. "It's about loving that body in all its forms, heavy, skinny, and every other way just as it is right now.

Doctor Walton's CD, Surviving the Wedding was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. He has appeared as a psychological commentator on MSNBC's Oscar Ceremony show, on Discovery Health Channel, Fox Entertainment, and numerous other outlets. He hosted Shrink Rap on KCSN radio in Los Angeles and currently contributes to a television program on

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