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Los Angeles dealership reveals plans for first Q Aston Martin Showroom in U.S.

Galpin Aston Martin
Galpin Aston Martin
©2014 Ron Avery

In the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA lies one of the largest dealerships in the country. Galpin has everything from Ford to Aston Martin and even VW to Lotus.

August 27, 2014 Galpin Aston Martin unveiled its plans for the first ever Q Aston Martin Showroom in North America. Q by Aston Martin is a unique customization service that takes the ordering process of your new Aston Martin to a whole new level. Just in case ordering your very own Aston Martin isn’t individualized enough.
Everything from stunning carbon-fiber accents to quilted leather seats and even custom color schemes, nothing is too out there or unusual for this level of customization. If what you desire is pink interior or a unique brightly colored stripe running from the windshield down to the Start Engine button, Q by Aston Martin will translate your automotive fantasy into a stunning reality.

The event allowed select VIP guests and Aston Martin owners a chance for a sneak peek into what Q by Aston Martin will look like.
Galpin Aston Martin already houses a super cool and exclusive James Bond themed room reserved for those lucky and wealthy enough to order their very own Aston Martin.

Food and drink, a cigar lounge and even a custom ice sculpture featuring a Q Aston Martin awaited guests for an evening of incredible cars, future plans and live music. Among the uber customized Aston’s were displays of the finest leather, most beautiful paint colors and the most incredible custom hand made leather luggage.
When you’re ready to order your custom Aston Martin head over to Galpin’s Q by Aston Martin for a unique and completely individualized experience.

Here's what Galpin has to say about Q by Aston Martin:

'Q: The Ultimate Bespoke Option' – In honor of the heritage and ingenuity of Aston Martin and 007, Galpin Aston Martin has been commissioned to build four distinct vehicles to embody the unparalleled innovation of Aston Martin’s Q program...offering over one million unique choices of available customization, the Aston Martin Q program has been brought about to transform the imagination and favored design elements of Aston Martin customers into the personalized vehicle of their dreams. In celebration of these extraordinary vehicles commissioned by Aston Martin, Galpin Aston Martin will also be opening the first 'Q' showroom of its kind -- coming soon.

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