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Los Angeles considering upping the minimum wage

 SAUSALITO, CA - JUNE 27: A view of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge
SAUSALITO, CA - JUNE 27: A view of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to an August 29 article in Businessweek magazine, the Mayor of Los Angeles is considering raising the minimum wage. Mayor Eric Garcetti is considering a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $13.25 by 2017. If accepted, Los Angeles would join San Jose and San Francisco as California Cities that have raised their minimum wage. Seattle has the highest minimum wage; according to the USA Today.

According to CNN Money, the minimum wage rate in the State of Illinois is $8.25 per hour; higher than any other neighboring Midwest State. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked City Council to raise its minimum wage to $13 per hour by the year 2018. The Mayor felt that the increase would allow citizens to be able to afford living in Chicago.

100 employed Chicagoans were asked to share their thoughts about the minimum wage. Almost 75% of them were in favor of a higher minimum wage. 55% of those surveyed felt that the wage should not be mandated or forced. Only 5 of the respondents felt that the current wage and level of intervention were sufficient. None of the respondents felt that corporate greed was the driver of the current minimum wage.

The minimum wage may be positioned as a wedge issue during the midterm elections. The arguments on either side of the congressional aisle are compelling. One side believes that, like sports, the cost of labor does not need to be manipulated. It will set itself. The other side believes that short term wage manipulation will lead to long term savings in government support programs. Is it possible that both sides are right? Should the minimum wage differ from State to State?