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Los Angeles City Council bans interactions with Arizona over immigration law; Arizona retaliates

LA faces an electricity crisis with the DWP - Arizona's cut of electricity will impact prices.
LA faces an electricity crisis with the DWP - Arizona's cut of electricity will impact prices.
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Last Wednesday with a 13-1 vote the Los Angeles City Council decided to show their outrage towards Arizona’s illegal immigrant Senate Bill 1070 by limiting business interactions with the state. The Los Angeles City Council’s ban towards Arizona consists of limiting city travel to the state, as well as limiting future contracts with Arizona based businesses. The city of Los Angeles’s ban on business contracts could potentially affect $8 million of possible transactions for the state of Arizona.

Arizona’s SB 1070 illegal immigration law becomes effective July 23, 2010 allowing police officers to search any individual they feel might qualify as an illegal immigrant. Opponents of SB 1070 believe the bill will inevitably led to racial profiling of Arizona citizens and residents. The Los Angeles City Council resolution sponsor for the city ban against Arizona was led by City Councilman Ed Reyes, along with City Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

This past Wednesday Arizona Corporation Commission commissioner Gary Pierce informed Mayor Villaraigosa that if the Los Angeles City Council continues their ban on Arizona then Arizona will retaliate by cutting off LA’s electricity supply from their power plants. One-quarter of Los Angeles’ electricity is supplied by Arizona’s power plants so if Arizona cuts off its electricity supply to Los Angeles the city will face severe blackouts. Although Mayor Villaraigosa is brushing off Arizona’s threat, it remains it a possible reality for the city of Los Angeles.


  • Bill 4 years ago

    What a bunch of Bullcrap

  • Bill 4 years ago

    Mexico has far worse laws.If a person in Mexico feels that you are in mexico illegally then they can detain you.You can be deported without any reason.The Mexican Military handle immigration.So there laws are alot worse than Arizona's.In fact Arizona is just doing what are Government won't do.The law that passed only gives the police the right ask you if you have already done something wrong like speeding and things like that.Some MORONS like Lberals can't see this because there idiots.

  • Jerardo C. 4 years ago

    I agree with arizona and what bill says..if you are illegally in mexico they really have no mercy on you!
    if someone wishes to be in any country, they should have lawful permission otherwise anyone can go anywhere and that could be a HUGE problem. there are laws and they should be followed!!