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Los Angeles City Council approves South Los Angeles 6.5-acre shopping center

This week the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to develop a 6.5-acre shopping center at Slauson Avenue and Central Avenue in South Los Angeles. This shopping center project known as the Slauson Central Retail Center includes a drugstore, a job-training site, and a supermarket. The Slauson Central Retail Center project has been approved three times before by the LA City Council, but halted due to legal disputes by one of the former owners Stanley Kramer.

Two years ago the City of Los Angeles set a ban forbidding fast-food outlets from opening within a quarter mile of each other in order to promote grocery stores and sit-down restaurants growth in South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Council is expected to be renewing the ban tomorrow and shopping centers such as the Slauson Central Retail Center provides a venue for grocery stores and sit-down restaurants.

This project has been delayed for approximately 20 years. Project supporters believe the center will create construction and retail jobs, which is crucially needed in South Los Angeles.