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Los Angeles' Best Secret Spots for Families

There are tons of top 10 destinations for families in Los Angeles. How about those secret spots? Here are some of my families favorites:

Kenneth Hahn Hilltop Swingset

Kenneth Hahn park is one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets. The part is gorgeous and many don’t even get past the lake and fisherman at the bottom. If you continue up to the top you will find a hilltop swingset overlooking the city with rolling hills for soccer and Frisbee.

Nature Center at Franklin Canyon

Franklin Canyon has an amazing nature center with hiking paths and a reservoir right off Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland. Take a drive, bring a picnic and go exploring to find a quite bench overlooking the water—right in the middle of Los Angeles!

Micks Café Tearoom

If you have little girls, they will LOVE this tearoom. A tiny little shop off of Swarthmore and Sunset, Micks Tea Room has chandeliers in outside gazebos, roses and wicker chairs. They have amazing pumpkin lattes and they serve full English tea (you can even go in dress up!).

The Coffee Conservatory

In Culver City, right across from Sony studios, the Coffee Conservatory has the best lattes for mom and out of this world pastries for the little ones.

Purgatory Pizza

Right off the new gold line, take a subway ride with the kids for the best pizza and homemade ice cream ever! With flavors like lemon lavender and Raspberry Vinaigrette, kids will not get bored.

What are your favorite secret spots?


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