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Los Angeles based outdoor equipment company hosts family camping event

The campsite set-up for each family
The campsite set-up for each family
Lauren Julian

Stansport, a camping and outdoor equipment company, hosted a family camping event over this past weekend at Corriganville Park in Simi Valley.

Stansport family camping weekend
Lauren Julian

The overnight camping trip began Saturday afternoon June 7 and went through Sunday morning June 8.

With the slogan “we make camping fun!” a team of Stansport employees created this event in order for local families to get a feel for camping in a free of cost and convenient environment. Equipment and food was provided by the company so children and parents could learn more about camping products and gain a better appreciation for the outdoors.

“It seems as though the current generation spends way too much time in front of screens and [Stansport] would like to change that, by providing a free campout we hoped to entice families and kids to come out and let us sell the outdoors to them,” said Stansport creative director, John Espinoza in an email.

The event drew close to 100 individuals who were friends of the employees or members of the local Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley.

Each family had a designated site where an unmade tent, lantern, sleeping bags and mats were laid out. Stansport employees Robert Lafferty and Jeremy Scharf assisted the families in constructing their tents, allowing the participants to learn some of the camping basics.

The families were also immersed in some of the homegrown history of Corriganville, an area where several classic Western movies were filmed, by taking a short hike around the camp area.

Mike Kuhn from the Simi Valley Trail Blazers Hiking Club led the hour long hike and highlighted the history of the park, local fauna and wildlife and offered up some Simi Valley trivia.

The hike gave the children the opportunity to explore more of the surroundings, climb trees and rocks and enjoy the outdoors.

The employees cooked up burgers and hotdogs after the hike on their Stansport stoves, giving the attendees a chance to relax and see more camping products in use.

After sundown, the group gathered around a large fire-pit and roasted s’mores, played guitar and sang songs.
The camping event ended Sunday morning after Stansport employees made breakfast for the families and assisted with the taking down of the tents and packing.

“Our kids had a blast hiking, climbing trees and big rocks and especially loved the campfire and yummy s’mores, it was a memorable weekend for all of us,” said Santa Clarita resident, Jacque Liko, via Facebook.

This was Stansport’s first camping event and with the positive feedback they have received from participants they plan on hosting similar events in the future.

“When packing up, we let the [families] know that they could keep the sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and lanterns, [helping them to] be one step closer to another camping trip in the future; the looks in [their] eyes when we told them this reaffirmed the whole trip was a definite success,” said Espinoza.

Stansport has been manufacturing outdoor gear since 1949, providing camping products as well as items related to hiking, cooking, survival and emergency preparedness. For more information you can visit their website or follow the company on Facebook.

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