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Lorraine Bracco Penny Marshall: Lesbian roles set for both actresses

Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshall are making top entertainment news Sunday for signing up to play a lesbian couple Fox network's "Mulaney." FOX News reported Feb. 1 that TV Guide confirmed the roles for the two actresses.

Bracco and Marshall are slated to play a lesbian couple who happen to be friends with Mulaney's neighbor, Oscar.

"Mulaney" is about John Mulaney, an aging comedian who is influenced by is boss (played by Martin Short), his neighbors, and his roommates.

Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshall will be on the show that is scheduled to air later this year.

Last week the Disney Channel featured its first lesbian couple on "Good Luck Charlie." One of the girls' parents ended up having two moms.

Featuring homosexual couples in today's entertainment is still a risky move depending on the network and audience. Viewer reception can still go either way. In the case of Disney, it has not typically not been a platform for introducing the gay lifestyle. Fox is far less likely to encounter criticism or controversy for this move.

How do you feel about seeing Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshall appear as a lesbian couple on "Mulaney"?

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