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Lorikeets return to Maritime Aquarium

Adorable Lorikeets at the Maritime Aquarium Norwalk Connecticut through September 1, 2014
Adorable Lorikeets at the Maritime Aquarium Norwalk Connecticut through September 1, 2014
Maritime Aquarium Norwalk

The lovely lorikeets have returned to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk on 10 North Water Street and are once again pleasing young and old alike. Visitors to the Aquarium are invited to step into a lush tropical aviary to meet these colorful birds up close. There are more than 50 colorful lorikeets in the aviary that will make the Aquarium their home until September 1.

Visitors can purchase a cup of nectar for $3 to experience a up close and personal lorikeet experience. Lorikeets have a sweet tooth and will land on you to sip the nectar! Lorikeets are colorful birds with dazzling feathers that are almost iridescent and when they perch on you it is an unforgettable experience that provides perfect photo opportunities. This kind of "get close" experience is one to cherish and is sure to provide loads of family fun. The Norwalk Aquarium has set up a special twitter feed to encourage visitors to the Aquarium to post their photos using the hash tag #tweetkeet.

Lorikeets hail from the south Pacific, specifically South East Asia, eastern Australia and Polynesia. Their natural habitat is rain forests and woodland and they feed on the sweet nectar of tropical flowers and blossoms. The tongue of the lorikeet is like a brush with bristles on it that allows it to lap up the nectar with ease giving them the nickname of "brush-tongued parrots."

Visitors to the Aquarium should note that the lorikeet exhibit closes for a half hour at 1:30 p.m. and at 5:30 p.m. which is thirty minutes before the Aquarium itself closes for the day.

In keeping with the lorikeet exhibit, the IMAX theater at the Aquarium is showing a film called "Journey to the South Pacific" that explores a remote area known as Coral Triangle a vast area of reefs that extends from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

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