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Lorenzo Fertitta plans to call Georges St-Pierre to discuss drug testing

According to a Jan. 14 post from Yahoo! Sports, UFC CEO and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta plans to call former UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre to discuss the promotion's drug testing initiatives.

St-Pierre, 32, recently revealed to the media that his departure from the UFC was hastened by the promotion's stance on drug testing.

"I tried to change things and unfortunately -- maybe for money reasons, maybe for image -- they were not ready to do that," St-Pierre said. "I tried in a very diplomatic way and it didn't work, so it's unfortunate, but I believe it will happen sooner or later."

Those comments raised the eyebrows of Fertitta, and he says he'll make it a point to call St-Pierre about it.

"We've always had an open line of communication with him and I'd like to know why he feels that way," Fertitta said.

"It was extremely disappointing to hear Georges make those comments because I don't think any organization has embraced drug testing as we have. We have not only agreed to pay when the commission has said it wants to do enhanced testing, we've encouraged it. We have no problem with testing. When we serve as the commission [in areas out of the country where there is no commission], we test everyone on the card so we are thorough and there can be no claims of bias.

"Whatever a commission would want us to do in terms of testing, we would embrace it. We'll do as many as they want. I think perhaps Georges' people didn't communicate to him in detail everything we'd do as they tried to arrange the testing for the fight with him and Johny."

Fertitta says he was absolutely shocked by St-Pierre's comments, and he stands by the UFC's drug testing policies.

"We've made it clear, through presentations at various athletic commissions, that we advocate for the most rigorous drug testing possible," Fertitta said. "We've actually advocated for harsher penalties for PEDs.

"Maybe Georges didn't understand the level of drug testing Nevada was doing. They are the ultimate authority that handles drug testing, medicals and everything else -- and they are very capable."

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