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'Loredana, Esq.' gives scoop on lawyer’s life and her clients

Here’s a reality show that presents an attorney showing her personal life and skill in dealing with clients. Loredana Nesci, a former LAPD cop turned attorney, is on Sundance TV with an original series called "Loredana Esq." which premiered in March. Each week she deals with all types of cases but mostly in criminal law.

Loredana has a young son and lives with her boyfriend Robert. She has such a busy schedule that it sometimes interferes with her personal/romantic life with him. One indication in the series he says ”Sometimes this just gets old.”

Her clients are colorful characters, hoping she can resolve the mess they have gotten into. Loredana works hard for her clients, despite the fact sometimes they may not be telling the truth. She has two assistants, Geoff Blain, her legal assistant and confidant and Booker Cole, an investigator and formal patrol officer and attorney.

One interesting case Loredana had was an owner of a radio station accepted cash of $50,000 dollars from a man to broadcast on the air. The man used defamatory and racist language which is against FCC regulations. The owner took the man off the air; the man sued the owner for $800,000 dollars.

The episode was a “breach of contract” in which Lordana explained the definition of what was going on in the case. She does this in all episodes; clarifying legal terms.
The case ended up in court and the owner did the correct thing – and paid a very small fee for what he was originally sued for. in their related article stated the program had six episodes Sundance picked up. The description on the Sundance TV website is this –

LOREDANA, ESQ. follows the high-stakes world of Loredana Nesci, a former LAPD officer turned criminal defense attorney. Her unique view of both sides of the law gives us unprecedented view into the United States justice system.

The program premiered Mondays at 9 p.m. but since all have been shown, you can still catch her cases in the early morning hours.

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