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'Lords of the Fallen' needs to be "accessible to everybody" despite its nature

Prepare to die many times in 'Lords of the Fallen'
Prepare to die many times in 'Lords of the Fallen'
Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco, used with permission.

How do you craft an experience such that a player doesn't breeze through content but also does not run into a brick wall? Finding that sweet spot in the middle area can be rather difficult at times, especially when it comes to certain genres which lend themselves to that unforgiving style. Dark Souls II does little to no hand holding and as a result those who do not dwell in the realm of the hardcore are often repelled and forced to choose between continued frustration of giving up entirely.

While Lords of the Fallen is only somewhat similar to Dark Souls as far as mechanics go, developer Deck13 Interactive wishes to be fair and a little more forgiving. Talking with executive producer Tomasz Gop, he comments on this exact situation and how his studio is attempting to teach players into something they may not be all that familiar with: defeat.

"[W]e’re trying to make sure that people can experiment [by creating the] entry threshold, in terms of difficulty and the learning curve," says Gop," [Lords of the Fallen needs to be] accessible to everybody."

Despite the fact that much of what we have seen of the title so far has emphasized failing and proceeding to try again, Gop says everyone should be able to overcome each lord with enough will to learn.

"I still think this game is going to be challenging all-in-all, and to finish it you will have to learn certain things.

"[You need to] at least try to get the sense of the variety of tactics you have, so once you find a boss that you can’t defeat with a great axe, for example, you already know that you can try different things." Gop continues, "But at the same time I think it’s going to be relatively easy to get into because you’re getting a lot of variety of gear at the very beginning and you can already try to learn [from that point on] so you have more time to learn things that you will need [later in the game].

"[From the get go] you already have a certain type of opponent, you have a certain type of weapon, and there’s only one way you can apply one to another and defeat it."

That difference, between unfair and unforgiving is why Gop wishes people would stop comparing his title with Dark Souls II. Unfortunately for him, it's simply the closest available comparison to Lords of the Fallen. As time continues to pass and more details become available, perhaps the title will continue to distance itself from it's competitors, however, from what we've seen there are certainly connections to be made between the two.

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