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Lords of Summer Should Be Working On New Music

As heavy metal fans we love it when our favorite band releases anything new. Earlier this year Metallica played a new track called "Lords of Summer" at one of their concerts and the fan reaction of course was one of excitement. Within hours of the shows end a video of the performance appeared on YouTube.

While it is rough, it peaked my interest, after all, I've been a fan for about 30 years. The buzz about the video and its quality caught the attention of the band and they created a 8 minute polished version of the song that can be heard here on YouTube.

The song starts with familiarity of the past couple albums. I can't put my finger on it, but they have lost something in their music. Their music has become predictable. James Hetfield's guitar sound has changed somewhat, kind of muddy sounding. Oh, how I long for that clean sounding crunch that used to burst from his iconic guitar mastery.

While Lars keeps a fast pace with his drumming, there is a lack of creativity. That's all I have to say about Lars Ulrich and his drumming style.

When I earlier said their music has become predictable, I am talking about the lack of bass. Robert Trujillo is a great bass player, but I am not even sure he was in the studio when the song was being remixed. The bass is so far back in the mix, no wonder Jason Newsted left the band. Come on Metallica, let the bass add depth to your music. The fans deserve it.

Kirk Hammett is a masterful lead guitar player and I wish he would stand up more for himself. Kirk has created some of the best riffs and solos for Metallica and I think it's about time for him to have more of a say as to what direction their music takes.

It has been roughly six years since their last full released, Death Magnetic. Enough of the side shows, enough of the summer tours. Metallica fans want a new, hard hitting, heavy metal, thrash metal album. You guys are not so old that you can't do it. I know you don't have to, but from someone who has followed you for 30 years and bought every single album, get back in the studio and don't come out till you have put together your best album you can.

I would be happy with something in the range of "And Justice For All" and "The Black Album". But it would be great if you guys could find it in your soul to create something along the lines of "Master of Puppets". I know it's still in you. I've seen you live so many times and I don't feel you've lost a step. You just need a producer who isn't afraid to tell you that doesn't sound like Metallica, and listen to them.

Put your critics to rest and come out with something great.

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