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Lorde: Hilary Duff's biggest fan?

Lorde: Hilary Duff's biggest fan?
Lorde: Hilary Duff's biggest fan?
Photo by Kevin Winter

Lorde is a huge Hilary Duff fan. The “Royals” singer gushed over her love for the “Lizzie McGuire” star as well as “Girls” star Lena Dunham in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the LA Times reported on April 16.

The singer freaked out after she was told that Duff was at one of her concerts. "Hilary Duff? Are you freaking serious? Hilary Duff was there last night? This is what dreams are made of! Was she vibing it? Was she bobbing her head?" Lorde, 17 asked her interviewer.

Lorde obviously couldn’t get over the fact that Hilary Duff, whom she loved so much as a child, likely because of her hit Disney series “Lizzie McGuire,” is now a fan of hers.

"This is the most insane thing that's ever happened to me," said Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor. "That's my childhood right there. That freaks me out!"

In addition to Lorde gushing over Hilary Duff, she also revealed her love for “Girls” and it’s star/creator Lena Dunham.

"I finally watched 'Girls' a couple of days ago and I loved it," she said. "I tweeted Lena Dunham and she was like, 'You're the dream audience.' I really appreciated that. I was like, 'Ahh!'"

What are your thoughts on Lorde gushing over Hilary Duff and Lena Dunham?