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Lorde gives a ‘Royals’ performance at 2014 Grammys

Lorde has the fans of the "56th Annual Grammy Awards" on Sunday night hearing her song. With the lights dimmed the live audience got to hear the song "Royals" sung at the area in downtown Los Angeles. It was slower than the previous single with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Performing an intimate moment for the fans it was the second performance of the night, but Lorde had fans perplexed on her song choice. As people will remember the entertainer performed the same song a month ago at the "Grammy Nominations Concert." Singing it once again it signaled to the fans that her new single wasn't comfortable enough for her to be singing live yet.

While there were no obligatory shots of Taylor Swift dancing in the audience, the fans did get to see some serious claw action. Lorde’s fingernails were so long that when the cameras caught the silhouettes on stage it looked less like fingers and more like scary monster with claws. It was a random moment that blew up Twitter and Facebook as fans noted how strange the claws looked compared to the artist.

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