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Lord of Darkness 2 – A Frantic Action Adventure Game

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When it comes to action and adventure video games, going big and going strong is the only way a development team can create a successful concept. UbiNuri is an experienced company which is no stranger when it comes to creating a good gaming app. Their new game is called Lord of Darkness 2 and it is a pure action rollercoaster ride. Created for the Android mobile device market, Lord of Darkness 2 is driven by two very primal needs: to fight and to annihilate the enemy. In its world, the merciless monsters just keep on coming, so every player must enter combat for dominance and victory.

When the app is downloaded, the player can immediately join the Lord of Darkness community, and start to prepare its warriors with several skills and many different weapons. Then, the player has to entrench its forces, and wait for an attack. Here, the brutal enemies will pour over the player, but those who survive and win will score points needed for advancement. Also, every score achievement can be shared online and noticed by the rest of the LOD2 community. Those players that have the highest skill and determines can even advance to the Lord of Darkness stage and take up their righteous place with the one percent of the finest LOD2 players.

Anyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for danger will enjoy this game and its unique setting. In the game world, locations like Iceberg, Lava region, Dragon Lair, Iceberg and many more fantastic places await those who dare to venture in. But, no player will be alone and helpless against the ferocious enemies that lie and wait.

Lord of Darkness 2 features four different types of warriors with different abilities.

First one is called the Boxer, and his enormous fist and lightning speed will allow him to engage the monsters. The Sword Man is a blade master whose accuracy makes him especially deadly. The Bomber has all that is needed for blowing up and destroying things both big and small. Last on the list is a character named Berserker, which is enough to accurately describe his prowess when it comes to the giant sword he uses.

It is plain to see that Lord of Darkness 2 is a very creative and addictive game. With many different levels, monsters, treasures, powers, mercenaries, magic and weapons available, the combat system will never get boring. Although it may seem complicated, the entire game mechanic can be managed by a very intuitive commands and simple gameplay.

Compared to similar action and adventure games, Lord of Darkness 2 takes the prize because it will run is excellent graphic and sound smoothly on all current mobile devices that used the Android operating system. This was achieved by a painstaking optimization process, and regular updates that continue to further streamline the gameplay and bring additional bonus features.

Lord of Darkness 2 is a remarkable action adventure game app. All players that love a frantic combat system and exciting gameplay will surely love it.