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Lord Neil Gibson Finds Truth On The Internet

Lord Neil Gibson, the Las Vegas businessman who has been the target of several Belize media outlets as of late due to his affiliation with Ralph Huang, the newly elected Standard Bearer of Cayo South, as well as admitted campaign support for the candidate, has reached out to news outlets in order to have his side of the story told, and until recently has not been given the chance. Channel 5 Belize has been running ongoing stories critical of the friendly relationship between Huang and Lord Gibson due to a posting on their own website from more than a year ago when an anonymous person called Gibson a "fraud" and put forth the accusation that the business dealings Gibson's companies were involved in within Belize were not legitimate due to a licensing snafu. Channel 5 Belize sensationalized the story by leaving out the fact that the licensing issue came from a case of mistaken identity, as it served their purpose of questioning Gibson as well as Huang's intentions in Belize. Although several attempts had been made by Gibson to reach out to Belizean media in order to answer concerns and tell his side of the story, no outlet had responded and aired any interviews with Gibson spokespeople.

On April 3 on Plus TV Belize aired a story on their website entitled "Seven Letters from Minister Contreras to Lord Gibson Discussed," where legitimate interviews were given and questions answered by Belizean governmental officials regarding Lord Neil Gibson and business dealings in Belize. Michael Singh (Ministry Of Trade) and Honorable Erwin Rafael Contreras, (Trade Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection) were both recently questioned about their knowledge of Gibson's business in Belize, and Singh stated without question the Lord Neil Gibson and his companies are welcome to do business in Belize in any manner which they are licensed to do, and that there were no investigations of Gibson's activities that showed anything but legitimate business development. Singh stated "It’s factual that he is not authorized to transact, because he doesn’t have a banking license in Belize. So, I think it was a clarification, and the clarification came through requests coming in from inquiries, asking whether or not he has such a license, and that the warning was just clarifying that he doesn’t. But it doesn’t mean that the man is a bad guy."

This turn of events in that the Belizean media has begun to give a forum to offer opposing viewpoints based upon facts and not simple conjecture or speculation is positive for the people of Belize, who are the real beneficiaries if Gibson's projects continue to fruition. His attempts to being state of the art medical facilities and improved standards of living to the country have been slowed due to speculation about his intentions without the support of facts, and spread by news media that seemingly have a personal agenda to keep Gibson out of the spotlight, or at least viewed in a negative light. Now that Belize is getting the real story, possibly the business Neil Gibson has started can be furthered.

Information about Lord Neil Gibson can be found on his website at

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