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Lord Neil Gibson Endorses Dellonney Huang

Dellonney Huang
Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

The internet has become the hub of information that most people on earth now use as a place to do research, stay up to date on current events that interest them, and socialize. The way that information is conveyed across the internet in order for it to become useful for individuals worldwide has become more precise over the past few years, as the growing use of search engines as a starting point increases in popularity. The search engines themselves distill the generalized topic into chunks of information that people can use in quick form, through the snippits that Google places into their search results. By searching for a topic, then scanning the first page of google results that are delivered, many people no longer need to even visit the indexed pages to find out as much information as they need. Using search engines is now very much like reading the headlines in a newspaper.

When Las Vegas businessman Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and his firm LNBG LLC put forth their endorsement of Dellonney Huang for the position of Standard Bearer in the Cayo South Constituency of Belize, the spreading of this information through the internet into the regions of Belize that can actually cast a vote on the matter was crucial, as Gibson resides thousands of miles away and could not maintain a physical presence in the region that would be as effective as utilizing the internet to spread his message. "Dellonney Huang is good for Belize, and has shown support for the projects that LNBG LLC is developing in the area," Gibson stated. "Mr. Huang supports our effort to improve the medical facilities in Belize, and bring Western style medicine and technology to the area through private investment." Lord Gibson knows that the success of these types of projects can be determined by government support, and having elected officials in place that are open to private investment in the betterment of the area is crucial for most projects. Huang's endorsement by Gibson gives him a backer that can assist him in spreading his message effectively to the actual voters, even though Gibson himself is not in Belize. "We are helping Mr. Huang get his message to the people of Belize, and in doing so are assisting our projects to be more streamlined and focused."

Dellonney Huang has the endorsements of nearly every minister in Belize as well, including the prime minister. News of the large support for his election has already saturated "Belize-oriented" information channels like Reddit, as well as the several websites controlled by Gibson that promote the projects that LNBG LLC are involved with inside the country. For information on the endorsement of Dellonney Huang, go to

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