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Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson vs. Channel 5 Belize

Is there a connection between Las Vegas and Belize? According to a local news source in the area called Channel 5 Belize there is, and his name is Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. Channel 5 Belize has been running a series of reports reaching as high as connecting Prime Minister Dean Barrow to a fabricated controversy, along with Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras and novice U.D.P. politician Ralph Huang. The series of accusatory reports on the part of Channel 5 stem from a posting in a blog on their own website where an anonymous author claims that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a "fraud" based on the fact that his websites discuss developmental stage projects that Gibson companies are involved with, and the fact that as of the current stage these projects are not yet fully realized. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson's websites have never claimed these projects to be further along than initial discussions and planning, yet this is the source of speculation as to the motivations as per Channel 5. Being associated with Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson also seems to be an issue, as the local governmental personnel have found out through ambush-style questions designed to force a stance of "not knowing about the situation" and therefore inferring guilt when presented to the public.

Channel 5 Belize supported the candidate that was Ralph Huang's opposition in the election campaign for the position of Standard Bearer in Cayo South. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson supported Ralph Huang in this election, and was transparent in the motivations for doing so, taking to the internet airwaves in the form of YouTube videos, press releases and informational content on his own websites spelling out his support and offering messages of endorsement. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson spokespeople stated the motivations behind the support clearly and without variation, that "Ralph Huang is the right person for the job."

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has clearly illustrated and demonstrated his motivations of developing projects in the Belize area, and has been transparent in the release of information about meetings and discussions between himself and Barrow representatives as well as Contreras. Channel 5 Belize has utilized the photographs and videos of meetings between the parties that were posted on Gibson's own websites in order to take to the internet airwaves themselves, posting accusations of fraud in YouTube videos, as well as on their news website itself. Due to the fact that there is no real evidence to support the claims of fraud on Lord Neil Gibson's part, and Huang has only just taken his elected position recently, the real questions arise in the motivations of Channel 5 Belize themselves, and why they would so quickly attack a business man from Las Vegas and his connection to a junior politician recently elected to a minor position. The world is now watching, and is interested in the true sources of corruption in Belize.

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