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Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson Goes Into Coffee

Las Vegas based businessman Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has gone into the coffee business with the launch of his newest development project Caffe Momenti. Gibson typically focuses on development projects of a different sort through his company LNBG LLC, primarily in the construction and international financing arenas, but lately Gibson has been thinking about coffee. "I wanted to bring a new concept in coffee bars to Las Vegas and the rest of the world," Gibson stated when interviewed about the idea. "There is a lacking in the market of a one stop shop that will provide both gourmet coffee and fine food. We are going to marry the coffee bar concept with an Italian deli, providing lunch and dinner foods along with the best coffee in the world." Caffe Momenti has entered into a partnership with Kona Coffee to bring exclusive blends to Caffe Momenti locations, allowing each location to have a signature blend that will serve as its calling card. Much like the wine bar concept selling exclusive and limited run batches, Caffee Momenti will do the same for coffee.

Slated to debut in Europe later this year, then expanding to the United States as the second level of rollout, Caffe Momenti promises to bring a new level of sophistication to the coffee world. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson may be just the man to do it.

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