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Lopsided reporting by Fox News: Patients with pre-existing conditions pay more

The story here by Fox News, Jim Angle, is that “patients with pre-existing conditions ‘could’ pay more under ObamaCare. If you are a patient with chronic disease and your medicine is not on the approved Obamacare list, than you may have to pay for that out of pocket as there is no recourse.

Making Obamacare Scary

In that sentence, there are a number of questions:

1. Why is your doctor prescribing medicine that is not on the preapproved list? It could be that it is a new drug that has not yet been approved. It could be that your medicine is not yet available in generic form which would likely make the list.

The story presumes that your doctor cannot appeal for exceptions, and that is not true. Appeals are a part of the process.

2. Are there not details in the Affordable Care Law that require revision? Just like all laws and regulations, certain deficiencies become apparent in implementation. The circumstance here deserves immediate attention by Congress to correct the deficiency. Instead of running home after the snowstorm, Representatives could be addressing detail fixes to the ACA law.

This story is an instance whereby political lobbyists in Washington employ scare headlines via a willing media outlet like Fox News. A more productive article would include experts’ advising Congress about how to fix and improve the law in contrast with aborting the baby.

There is one truism applicable here: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

“Patients with pre-existing conditions could pay more under ObamaCare

AMERICANS WITH SERIOUS pre-existing diseases — precisely those the president aimed to help with ObamaCare — could find themselves paying for expensive drug treatments with no help from the health care exchanges.”

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