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Loot Hero: A New Game App

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There is a new game out for the app stores. You can get it from Google Play and iTunes. Google Play is free of charge. iTunes is only a simple $0.99.

Loot Hero is a cute little game that even a four year old can play. It's that simple. They learn to battle monsters and collect coins to help with building up their little warrior.

When playing the game there are alerts that will show up to help you to beat the game and help you play with the skills that they pop up with. You can continue a game as it saves it to the device. There are three different places and games that can be saved.

As you level up, you earn more coins per monster that is destroyed. When destroyed, the coins fly up into the air and go in the direction that you're traveling. This means there is no back tracking in the game until you need to earn more coins to upgrade your gear for your warrior.

For the iTunes version of the game, here is the link:

For the Google Play app, here is the link:

The graphics are a little old school. It reminds me of the very first version of the Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo.


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