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Loop Juice features fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Loop Juice, located in Chicago French Market, will not only quench your thirst, it will fill your every desire for a fresh, healthy beverage.

Loop Juice at Chicago French Market features fresh juices and smoothies.
Loop Juice at Chicago French Market features fresh juices and smoothies.
© Barbara Rolek
Loop Juice features fresh juices and smoothies
© Barbara Rolek

Why bother with sugar-saturated, empty-calorie pops, shakes and slushies when owner Pawel Niemczyk and his team will whip you up squeezed-to-order fruit and vegetable juices, and homemade smoothies with seasonal fruits that have zero added sugar and are never made from concentrates.

How can you miss with whole, raw, freshly extracted juices and juice blends with names like Feel the Beet, The Cold Fighter and Chicago Sunrise? Or Consider the Red (pomegranate, carrot, beet, apple, ginger), Green (spinach, parsley, kale, celery, ginger, cucumber, apple), Ruby (pomegranate, apple or orange) or Power of Six (beet, apple, tomato, green pepper, ginger, lemon).

Check out the freshly extracted juices blended with ice to create smoothies with names like Detox, Energy and Green.

I've seen this team in action and the ingredients are fresh, fresh, fresh and there are no super-long lines because they have high-powered blenders that whirl up your favorite in a flash.

Prices start at $4.49 for a 16-ounce cup and 24-ounce cups are about a buck higher. Go get your green on.

They have a new website on the way -- -- but, for now, check out the menu on Facebook.

Loop Juice
Chicago French Market
131 N. Clinton St. (between Washington and Randolph streets), Chicago, IL 60661
Open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays

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