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Looks like Hollywood may have finally gotten Batman’s costume right

Batman's current New 52 costume may have been the influence for the Snyder costume
Batman's current New 52 costume may have been the influence for the Snyder costume
DC Comics

Batman is no stranger to the silver screen. He’s appeared in eight live-action feature films starting from 1966 donning variations of the iconic costumes ranging from Adam West’s eyebrow cowl to George Clooney’s Nipple suit. While none of them were particularly bad, it really is more difficult to adapt a superhero costume from the comic pages to the screen than most people believe. In his ninth feature film appearance, it appears Hollywood has finally gotten Batman right.

The new Batman debuts
Warner Brothers

Today Zack Snyder released an image of Ben Affleck in his “Batman vs. Superman” cowl alongside the new Batmobile on Twitter. It was much hyped as Snyder had been teasing the Batmobile, baiting fans on Twitter to tune in today for the major reveal. The surprise however was seeing the new Batman for the first time as well. And boy was it a sight to behold.

Granted the photo was in monochrome form and merely a first impression, nonetheless it was a much needed solid first impression after all the negativity from fans over the casting of the character. The costume appears to take reference from Batman’s New 52 cloth-like costume, replacing Nolan’s armor styled one in “The Dark Knight” trilogy. The Bat insignia on the chest is wide and bulky, similar to the costume featured in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.”

The best part of it all is the cowl. While the still features Batman’s head tilted down, it appears as if the pointy ears on the cowl are significantly smaller than previous Batman live-adaption cowls. It actually seems to resemble Marvel’s Daredevil cowl which Affleck once portrayed. It looks stunningly graphic novel-like which is a great thing.

Joel Schumacher’s Batman costumes have always been somewhat more colorful with the intention of selling action figures. Christopher Nolan’s Batman represented a modern interpretation of the suit, which meant making it appear as solid black armor with no color. Leslie Martinson’s 1966 version of the suit was a relic of another age (specifically the silver age). So the closest we ever got to a really good modern comic live-action adaptation of Batman’s suit was with Tim Burton’s run starting in 1989. The bright yellow bat insignia gave the suit a comic feel, but the armor appearance of the suit brought believability to the existence of such a costume. It appears however, we may now have the best Batman suit ever to hit the silver screen with Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman.”

Only time will tell, as we get more images and press releases. But as of today, the day Snyder teased the world showing just enough to peak our curiosity, it appears Hollywood may have finally gotten Batman’s costume just right.

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