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Looks alone can't carry a relationship

Are looks that important?
David Castillo Dominici/

If you ask most people when it comes to meeting someone initially it is what you see that makes the first impression.

There are some individuals that need time to get to know a person before they decide they want to get serious.

For others they see a person across the room and they instantly know, that is the person for me.

What is it that makes this possible? Knowing without question that a relationship is going to work. Is it really possible for two people to meet and instantly know it's going to work? Or, Is it the willingness to make the relationship work no matter what?

In order for a relationship to work it definitely takes two. The idea that two people just know is crazy to some but to the individuals involved it makes perfect sense. Basically it boils down to commitment to the possibility, trusting and believing.

Individuals who trust that what they believe is true and believing that they are deserving are the ones who succeed in their relationships. In reality it''s not what you see on the outside it's when the beauty on the inside of a person far exceeds what attracted their mate to them in the first place.

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