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Looking younger as we age

If a youthful appearance is the goal, there are some things to avoid. Outside of clothing that fits correctly, think about a new paradigm in the way skin is maintained, hair is cut, and makeup is applied.
Hair is all over the human body, but when talking about hair on the tops of our heads, many people do not think about change from youthful days when hair was often worn long and straight. Back then, faces appeared fuller due to increased collagen (fat) under the skin. This fat dissipates as we age. Because of this, a youthful appearance begins with hair that is full of body and possibly in layers, so that the face looks surrounded and rounder.

As we age, skin becomes drier. Dry skin shows signs of aging more readily. Be sure to invest in a good skin care line. Consider a visit to a local esthetician where professional skin care lines are sold. Be sure to include a creamy cleanser, non-alcoholic toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and an exfoliating mask. Exfoliating regularly, usually every two weeks, removes dead skin. It will leave the skin feeling smooth. When makeup is applied, there will be no rough patches to make the application uneven. Additionally, do not forget to treat eyes, hands and chest. These areas of skin are thinner and therefore more prone to sun damage. Since tanning puts a person on the fast track for aging, remember to use sunscreen on these areas because no amount of makeup will cover brown spots and wrinkles.

When it comes to makeup, try something new. A mature look tends towards minimal. Using a sponge vs. a brush, begin with a liquid foundation to combat dryer skin that matches skin tone. Dry powders will often cake in facial creases. Tinted moisturizers or creamy foundations are a great alternative to heavy products. Apply these products lightly: One can always add more.
A beautiful lip application begins with a lip liner that highlights the lip line itself, not above it. Choose either a neutral color or one that is a shade darker than the natural lip color. Add a bit of gloss to the center of the lips for some drama. When it comes to applying blush, look in the mirror and smile. See the hollows? That is where a light dusting of blush goes. Cream blush requires a bit more work to blend however; it will cake less within any apparent lines. If applied correctly, blush will also accent the eyes.

Speaking of eyes, go easy with the shimmer! Remember that the goal is to minimize age. Too much shimmer with show every line, so think matte. Avoid black liners and do consider adding a bit of soft, darker shadow to thinning brows.

There are many trends out in the market place, which does not mean they apply to everyone.

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