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Looking Good for your High School Reunion

High School Sweeties 40 years later
High School Sweeties 40 years later
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This is my high school sweetie and me at 16 yrs old and again at 56. We connected after not seeing each other for almost 40 years.

When my mom saw him at a funeral in our small town, my first question was, “Does he still have hair?” and my second question was, “Is he overweight?” It happens to so many of us. In my late 30s packaged food started taking it’s toll. Little by little, like a frog in warm water, I didn’t notice it happening. Extra pounds crept on around my waist and my face lost it’s glow. I looked at pictures and wondered who that person was.

If I would have run into him again at that state I would have felt shame and embarrassment. People are usually kind and make remarks like, “Yah, that’s life” or “it happens to the best of us” but we all know what we feel inside…. WHAT HAPPENED? I think of who I was in high school. A cheerleader, a drummer, a gymnast. And I ask myself in writing this blog post, what happened? Packaged foods were the norm and I fell right into that trap.

Luckily I switched to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and later did a 10 day Purium Transformation Cleanse. I feel good in my skin again. When my old boyfriend and I connected again after all that time I was proud of who I had become. The same spirited person, yet with the wisdom of life.

It wasn’t easy to shift my mindset from that of convenience to preparing food in my own kitchen. My tastebuds had grown fond of concentrated fat, salt and sugar. But once I kicked packaged food and most restaurant food, a sweet cherry or ripe tomato never tasted so good! The best outcome is that my cells are being nourished at a deep level. It’s not as much about looking good, but having the energy to do the things I love to do. Weight loss and fewer wrinkles are a byproduct.

We are walking billboards. What does your body say to the world? It’s never too late to get your juice back, your passion for life. Ask yourself why you’re eating what you eat. Is it because of a great marketing campaign promising you instant energy (at the cost of nutrition)? Is it because out-dated, 4 food group propaganda (outside authority indoctrination)? Or are you simply trying to keep up with a life that, in your heart of hearts, doesn’t make sense anymore.

Imagine walking into your high school reunion at your ideal weight, moving with grace and flexibility. A sparkle in your eye. If it’s coming up soon and you want to transform your life with the 10 day Purium Cleanse, go to this video for more information. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your can transform your body and your spirit when you’re committed. Just keep asking yourself why. How will you feel about yourself at the end of the day… the end of your life?

If you’d like to transition to a plant-based, whole foods diet, join us for a 5 week online course giving you all the information and inspiration to evolve to a higher vibe diet. Click here for details.

You and I are probably a lot alike. We’ve been tempted by the system, fell into the trap and want out. We remember feeling totally alive and excited about life. That spark is still there. I’ve seen thousands of people drop excess weight, clear up the mental fog and rekindle their life purpose. There’s no reason every single one of us can’t do it.

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