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Looking good and feeling good: step 2, DIY clothing

DIY t-shirts
DIY t-shirts
99 Ways,,,

Still stuck in your closet trying to figure out what to do with all those old clothes you never wear, struggling to donate all those perfectly good items that just don't fit or are you just plain out of ideas for your current wardrobe? If  mixing and matching old items didn't work, its time to pull out the sewing machine and hit the closet with a DIY attitude. 

One of the best way to update your closet is to take inspiration by the horns and create something new from something old.  Everyone has a bit of personal style, DIY simply takes fashion to a deeper level of personal by allowing the individual to uniquely express it. There could truly be no better way to gain a sense of pride, then to wow your friends and enemies while sporting self made style. So to begin take another look at that beautifully colored yet horrendously shaped t-shirt hanging in in your closet.  You're never going to wear it as is, but since its still such a great piece of material you might as well use it.  There are countless ways to remake a t-shirt, in fact there are probably more than "99 Ways Cut, Sew, Trim and Tie your T-Shirt into Something Special."  Still the 99 projects demonstrated in the DIY guide offers months worth of inspiration for all, including the sewing illiterate.  

For more great DIY fashion ideas and help visit the great folks at Threadbanger.  A huge video library full of DIY goodness is available on the site including the Generation-T video featured in this article.