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Looking good and feeling good: step 1 building an outfit, mixing and matching


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Tired of wearing the same old thing but don’t have enough money to spend on a whole new wardrobe? Fear not, in most cases there’s no need to buy all new clothes every fashion season.

If you’re just looking to update your look, or even just change things up a little bit, the best place to start is in your own closet. Everyone has a corner of their closet filled with things that either, have been worn out, don’t fit anymore, never fit in the first place, or things that just looked better on the store rack. Even if this isn’t true for you, and you fall into the small category of people who buys new every year and discards all the old, you’re still likely have at least one favorite item that you’ll never stop wearing.

This article is for those looking to save that old t-shirt that’s two sizes to big but is in their favorite color, or those comfortable worn in jeans that see daylight at least twice a week, or even that old sweater that just never looked quite right on you. This article is a style intervention. If it’s too small and you’re clinging to the hope that one day you’ll lose the weight, stop! Stop trying to work with what you don’t have yet and start realizing how great you look in what you do have now, and once you do that you’ll feel so great about who you are that the getting healthy bit wont seem like such an uphill battle.


Boring brown shirt

To start feeling good fast its best to realize what a self-esteem booster fashion can be. The closet is the best place to start because it’s a variable treasure trove of unexplored ideas. For every go to outfit in your closet there’s a stylish variation that can be made. So to begin pull out what you love and give it a second look, then pull out what you hate and decide if its time to visit Good Will. In many cases the ‘throw away’ items can easily be reworked with different accessories or even remade into something else entirely. For this article we’ll focus on reworking and outfit with a simple example. Keep in mind that often times ‘throw away’ items make the best accessories.


Shirt coupled with sweater

The photos on the right demonstrate how to easily create an outfit with items that can be reworked from outfit to outfit. The plain brown thermal shirt is relatively boring by it self, but works great for a relaxed look. Add an opened button up sweater, that on its own is too sheer, too tight and too preppy, and it instantly adds a bit more maturity to the look, as well as warmth on a cooler day. To top it off, add a belt for added emphasis on your feminine curves. The end result can be pared with jeans for a more laid back look, or a skirt or slacks for a nice office friendly look.


Belted netural look

The items in your closet, though different than those demonstrated here, are just waiting to be given new life. Give your old clothes a shot this season before you decide to buy new ones, accessorize first shop later. However, if your closet needs new life, don’t hesitate to buy something new; just don’t waste the fashion you’ve already got.



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