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Looking forward to the Otakon 2014 Weekend

Baltimore, there’s fun to be had this weekend. Whether you’re into anime or not, this weekend marks the otaku three day summer xmas, Otakon. And really, what kind of Baltimore Anime Examiner wouldn’t cover the annual anime holy grail? Running from August 8th through August 10th, join the thousands upon thousands of folks taking in the sights and enjoying the show as we show Baltimore our otaku culture.

Thursday pre-registration kicks off at 3:00pm and ends at 10:00. If you haven’t registered for the Kon, Thursday’s not the day to do it. For those trying to register, your pickup date is Friday morning. Though be forewarned; there are only a few thousand spots left (ranging around four thousand at midnight of August 7th). And don’t worry, the price didn’t go up from last year. To gain admission for the three day festival, it’s still only $80/person. Just be forewarned (again), that you should take precaution. Baltimore weather in August is rather predictable and at least one day of the Kon, it ALWAYS rains. So make sure you have an umbrella packed with you just in case. Of course, you’ll be mostly chilling with your friends and fellow otakus and the refreshingly air conditioned Baltimore Convention Center. And that’s perfect. With things like Artist Alley, Manga Café, infamous actors and directors doing panels, and a nigh endless supply of anime, you’ll beat the heat and rain easily.

However, on the off chance you like to take a breather and take in all that lovely atmosphere of our fair Charm City, there are plenty of places to stop off and see. And of course, you got to eat and there’s really no shortage of places to take in a meal to match your pallet. And if you’re looking for something a bit more lively, well, there’s always the two concerts featuring artists, Altima and Yoshiki. And if you’re still ready to shake things up on a dance floor, there’s always the Rave.

Just remember not to party too hard out there. You need your wits about you to keep an eye on the clock and your belongings. You don’t want to wait too long and accidently miss the last train or bus, or heaven forbid, your hotel key. Just remember that all things should be done in moderation. You don’t want to do anything to get you kicked out of the fun. Once Otakon privileges are revoked, well, let’s just say we don’t want it to happen. But don’t worry, hotels always have a backup key (though a fee may apply), and the subway and light rail usually run between 5:00am and 12:00am on the weekends. Though mind you, that there is an exception on Sunday where they run from 10:00A to 9:00P. So if you’re a commuter to the convention, you may want to find some alternative transportation if there’s something you wish to catch early on Sunday. Baltimore has dozens upon dozens of parking garages around the Harbor for your convenience.

All said and done, hope to see you there. Just remember, they provide the space, we bring the culture. Have fun all.

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