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Short people linked to paranoia, inferiority: Why does height matter on dates?

As if short men needed anymore gripes from women who prefer "tall, dark and handsome," Reuters Health has more news for the vertically challenged.

Bruno Mars 5'4: Tall, dark and handsome are great features but sometimes sexy men come in shorter packages. Check out these guys. (Source:
(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

A recent study from Psychiatry Research concluded that short people may be "more prone to feelings of paranoia, inferiority and excessive mistrust."

However, this study was completed with 60 adult women -- not men -- using virtual reality (VR) simulation. Negative feelings increased when they were perceived as 25 centimeters below their actual height. This lead to the participants thinking someone was staring at them, had bad intentions or was trying to make them upset.

The bigger issue here is that if someone already has a superiority complex, changing their physical appearance will make the situation even worse. But someone who is comfortable in his or her skin will always trump the person who constantly needs confirmation or is aggressive for no reason. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is only 5'7, but people (of any height) don't regularly run up on him talking recklessly.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and both men and women who are not in relationships may be paying more attention to those around them. The other 364 days of the year are good ones to find a possible mate, but Valentine's Day has a way of blasting the alarm: Single! Dating! Married! Divorced!

The downside of this study is women are more likely to be shorter than men so men are used to it by now. Literally looking down at a woman isn't a big deal. That could be part of the reason that women continue to insist on someone bigger and taller than them. Being the same height or different heights won't make the relationship last any longer. Personality, goals and morals have to work their way in sooner or later to get to the monogamous relationship and/or married stages. A prime example of successful relationships regardless of height differences: "Celebrity women under 5'3, short women dating tall men."

CDC states that the average height of a man is around 5'8. Despite the results of this study, height doesn't equate to education, goals, power, sex appeal and other good qualities in a significant other. Ladies, don't ignore the shorter, attractive guys. Just because he doesn't have to duck when he walks into a room doesn't mean he's small everywhere else. And on a less superficial level, it's possible that he may be everything else you want in a man, just in a smaller physique. In the spirit of that, check out the above gallery of sexy men under 5'8.

Note: The source for all height stats in this article and gallery are from

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