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Looking for More Magic: The Gathering in Baltimore?

The company, Wizards of the Coast (WotC), offers plenty of exciting ways to enhance your experience with Magic: The Gathering.  Local shops partnering with WotC offer DCI sanctioned events weekly for it's customers. 
The DCI sponsors these events with the store by supplying the store with new prizes every month.  Typically, these events are weekly tournaments and provide an atmosphere unlike any other to the player.  Signing up for a DCI event is simple.  You show up during the tournament, fill out a form, receive your card, your play number, and best of all:  It's Free.  
However, this doesn't mean that the event is free, just the registration to DCI.  A store will generally charge the attendee for the play space and depending on the type of format, they will charge the player for the cards they need to participate.  But, there is always an upside to everything.  DCI prizes are given to the players who place highest in the event in addition to any prizes that the store offers to the players.  
With that said, I've compiled a list of stores in Maryland that offer weekly events in their shops.  These weekly events are the same across the country, known as, Friday Night Magic.   

  6. Illusions Games and Comics  726 S. Salisbury BLVD #D Salisbury, MD 21801   Tele:  (410) 742-0172