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Looking for luxurious plus size clothing? Check out Of Whonder!

Plus size women are just like any other woman out there. They too look for high quality, versatile and sophisticated clothing but as many women who fall into this category know; the plus size market is one that is drastically under served. Designed, cut and sewn with the finest fabrics and materials comes Of Whonder a premier label of high end tailored clothing for the plus size woman.

The Of Whonder Collection available at

Carmencita Whonder, a dynamic woman with an elevated sense of style, a multidimensional personality and high fashion standards found that there was something missing in the fashion world for people like her mainly clothes that fit her body type and her demanding lifestyle. That's why she created Of Whonder as a way to celebrate and embrace the female physique that comes in all shapes and sizes and recognizing that 62% of American women wear a size 14 or larger. Coming to the table to assist her in her mission was a team of expert designers and fashion professionals who combined have a total of 50 years in the fashion industry.

Plus size women will never have to again sacrifice their wants and needs with the collections from Of Whonder. The line is made with artisanal quality and high end fabrics that will shape and flatter the feminine figure to represent a lifestyle that promotes a positive self image and confidence.

Of Whonder features all the exquisite fashions that all plus size women desire. Look for perfectly tailored jackets and pants, classic dress silhouettes, pencil skirts and fine leathers in her collection which can all be viewed online at

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