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Looking for love in the biker world

Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I would like to say something about the struggles of single men and women in the biker world. I’m referring to the single men or women who are riders or those women who are attracted to bikers. It always seems easy to meet people in the biker world. We already have something in common, chances are we already have mutual friends, and the reasons we gather together are usually for pleasure or some worthy cause, so the odds of having a good time are pretty much in your favor. However, I realize that as a married woman, I haven’t given much thought to what it might be like for me if I were attending all of these events and carrying some hope in the back (or front) of my mind of finding love. Love—not lust. Let’s face it – we can all find lust if what’s what we want. But what about LOVE?

I’m not blind. But love really is, isn’t it? I do see so many beautiful women, like my friends, trying to find someone who will take them seriously, someone who will treat them like a lady, respect and care about their feelings—and all that jazz. I always figured it was a matter of bad timing or bad choices. Here’s a tip: STOP CHASING ALL THE EYE CANDY! Now, some eye candy is good for you, but some eye candy is like junk food. You need to learn to recognize the difference. My friends and I, in our disco days, always went out to a diner after dancing all night. All 15 of us would stumble half-toasted into some diner around 2AM every weekend night, and I would watch my friends, one by one, order cheeseburgers, French fries with gravy, and every kind of greasy-filled plate you could think of, while I ordered my usual cottage cheese and cantaloupe. They all laughed at me, but it never made sense to me to eat all that junk in the middle of the night. The next morning I’d wait for all the phone calls that always came from my friends, telling me how they woke up feeling like sh*t. That’s what I mean. Eye candy = junk food = wake up feeling like sh*t. Go after QUALITY.

Maybe the problem is that nobody believes in courtship anymore. Do men send flowers anymore after a first date? Do women leave any mystery about themselves to be uncovered until after the first or second meeting? (I’m not just talking about sex).

I would love to hear what you think. If I get enough feedback from males and females, maybe I can write a follow-up to this and we can come up with some answers to, and if we’re lucky, or should I say, if YOU’re lucky, we’ll make some matches along the way.

After all, there are plenty of other fish in the sea—or bikers on the road!

Happy Valentine’s Day, especially to my friends in Boston who are surrounding the heart of their family today, as she continues to fight her illness! God is in charge!