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Looking for love in all the right places

What happens when girl with BF meets boy with BF, especially when the BFs are on four legs and not so sure of each other? This is the place and these are the things Valentines are made of. Our pets know us like no one else. They know our habits and our activities, and they know who is a friend and who is not.

When Sally met Jim, she was getting coffee at a local shop; the next thing to happen was so totally unexpected that it was out of a bad movie. Sally goes to her car to leave and as she opens the door out jumps Maize. Maizey is a young Cocker Spaniel with far too much energy for any one person. As Sally rounds her up, Jim is getting in his car with Taz, a 3 year old Pit Bull. Of course the dogs meet and all goes well, so what about Sally and Jim? They decide to go out to lunch a few days later without their BFs and as this relationship begins to blossom it is clear that both are concerned about their BF’s.
Can this relationship work? How will Maizey and Taz see this relationship? What do you think….
Contact me with your answers to these questions.

This is how so many of us meet in our world of extremes. Our lives can have a happy outcome if we take the time to allow the dogs (cats, bunnies, reptiles, and more) to get to know each other. Slowly allowing the pets to come together on neutral ground and become friends before this relationship goes to home turf. Pet partners should continuing to encourage play and attention with food not being on the acceptable list of activities for at least the first 3 to 4 visits. Now we can introduce the pets too snacks on neutral ground first and slowly bringing it back to home. The important part is to let love take care of the packaging. Happy Valentine’s Day

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