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K9's for Warriors and Patriot Paws provide assistance to our Veterans in a way there is no substitute for. As we think of our Veterans and even attempt to consider the life they will now lead, it is mind boggling how they can get through each day. It is not however, surprising or outside of our comprehension why so many reject the life style they left behind when joining up. We expect them to see and experience so many atrocities and yet return to society unscathed.

Easily withdrawing from society, experimenting with alcohol and drugs when they do not receive the help need to re-enter society. Many do reconnect with family and friends but easily withdraw in the coming months. There are safety nets which we can put in place, it just does not seem right somehow the help must come from organizations which work and provided assistance while surviving only on donations to provide this assistance.

K9's for Warriors and Patriot Paws are two of these organizations which train and provide Assistance Animals to our Veterans returning to society. Please take the time to send a donation and then write to our Political Representatives asking them to rethink the assistance we are able to provide and support these organizations with more financial resources.

www.K9's for and are the site to access these two organizations.

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