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Looking for an exceptional pediatric dentist?


Drs. Berg, Lawrence and Weng in Bowie, MD are the best Pediatric Dentist around. Their mission is to provide outstanding pediatric dental care and they take pride in the amount of time devoted to each patient. They establish an open and trusting relationship with their patients and parents.

My children love going to the dentist! We have been going for more than ten years. The picture here is my son Patrick with Dr. Berg. The things that appeal to the children are flat screens with kid movies, pig noses, sun shades, and of course Mr. Thirsty (you’ll have to visit to meet him).

Parents love the compassionate staff who truly understand their clients. They love children and understand what being a parent is about too. We drive 40 minutes to the office and it’s worth it!

Gang these docs know their customers! Contact them at or 301-262-0242.

Live fully,
Mia Redrick
The Mom Strategist


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