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Looking for an antique bookstore? Try Echo Vintage Books & Vinyl in the Fort Myers River District

Antique Books are available in the Fort Myers River District
Antique Books are available in the Fort Myers River District
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Echo Vintage Books & Vinyl offers the area's largest selection of rare and out of print books and records. Their unique selection of internationally acclaimed abstract art, rare posters, paper media & manuscripts dating from the early 1800s to the present are in extremely good condition, having been lovingly restored.

Not only can antique books, records, posters and art be found here, but ECHO also carries a wonderful selection of antiques, collectibles,  vintage memorabilia, vintage clothing,  and much more. For seekers of paranormal activity, this store also has visitors who cannot be seen, only felt.

The store itself has its own history, having been moved from its original site long ago. The property is designated as the southernmost war zone of the American Civil War. A small outdoor cooking kitchen from the Civil War days still sits outside the store, quietly sunning in the subtropical Southwest Florida sunshine. 

Take a walk through this amazing bookstore. Its antique books have been completely restored and renewed, leaving shoppers with no dusty sensations, no allergic reaction. These book-loving store owners know how to honor history.

If a feeling comes over you that is unusual or heavy, tell the store owner and she will assure you of the spirit's intent. Having an antique store in an antique building on an ancient Civil war site pretty much guarantees a rash of interest. But for the real book lovers...I'd say, you just might find more than what you're looking for here. I know I did!

Visit Echo Vintage Books and Vinyl on Tues - Sat from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. or call 239-693-ECHO for more details. Echo is located at 1793 Fowler St., North in the downtown River District of Fort Myers.


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