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Looking for advice?

Check out the Elder Wisdom Circle today!
Check out the Elder Wisdom Circle today!

Are you looking for advice or looking to give advice? I have the perfect idea for you! Join the Elder Wisdom Circle. The Elder Wisdom Circle is a group of older adults that offer advice to anyone requesting it and there are more than 600 older adults readily available to answer your question. Though the Circle does not answer questions about legal, financial or health care, they do answer questions about relationships, job changes, and sexuality issues to name a few. They have also published a book with recent requests for advice.

When I wrote the Elder Wisdom Circle, it took two days for a response and I received advice from a male and a female. To ask for advice, give advice, or read advice given to others, click here.  According to many reviews from the website, the Elder Wisdom Circle has really changed lives.

Here is a recent statement from an advice seeker: Dear Elder Wisdom Circle: Thank you for the straight talk that opened my eyes to the simplest of solutions. As a result I am happily washing the dishes for my Dad every chance I get, which is almost always these days. Also, I am extremely grateful for your collection of "water shortage" information. This is exactly what I was also hoping for in your response to me, a convenient bundle of germane news on this topic to help me share with my Dad (and others along the way). I'm making a donation via your link immediately to you for your invaluable, helpful words of wisdom and guidance. Furthermore, I shall be heralding your good work to everyone I know! Best regards, Andrew

Visit the site and see for yourself!