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Looking for a Summer Romance?

Loose Id
Loose Id

It is hot outside, but why let the sun be the hottest thing about your day?

A good romance should come with its own heat. Loose Id understands the importance of erotic elements in good romance stories. Loose Id has been publishing erotic romances since 2004. The company wants romantic stories that not only bring the fire but also bring the plot.

Loose Id defines itself as “a publisher of electronic and print romances that unleash your fantasies by striding to the edge of the abyss and taking the plunge.” As the Loose Id website states: “A Loose Id romance is deliberately, specifically, and insistently erotic. It ought to make you blush and squirm in your seat, while keeping you turning pages because you have to find out what happens next.”

The ebooks available on Loose Id cover a variety of genres including: contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction & fantasy, mystery & suspense, gay, lesbian & transgender, menage & polyamory, BDSM & Fetish.

Why wait? Add a little romance to your summer. Visit Loose Id.