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Looking for a restaurant opened December 25th, here's some help.

The beautiful and opulent Restaurant XO, in the St-James Hotel will be opened on Christmas day.
The beautiful and opulent Restaurant XO, in the St-James Hotel will be opened on Christmas day.

Finding a restaurant that’s opened on Christmas day in Montreal is indeed a difficult task. For the travelers who grace our city during the holidays it can be a frustrating few days, especially when the hunger pangs kick in. Most, Montreal Jews and gentiles alike know that many Chinese restaurants are opened and worth a visit; but, if Asian food isn’t your thing, the only remaining option is a hotel restaurant—and even this isn’t a sure thing, as some hotel restaurants might declare themselves opened on Christmas day only to change their minds if reservations are slim to none.

Restaurant Au Vieux Port in Old Montreal, is opened from 10:00AM for brunch on Christmas day. The brunch will include turkey, as well as other Christmas staples, and cost $27.95 a person. Also opened on the 25th is X-O Le restaurant, in the St-James Hotel. (X-O received a perfect, four stars by Montreal Gazette, restaurant critic, Leslie Chesterman.) X-O will be serving a set, five coarse brunch from 11:00 AM, and a set, six course supper starting at 6:00PM—reservations are required.

Another option would be to go to one of our fine food markets or shops on Christmas Eve and stock up on bread, cheese, pâtés and cured meats, hunker down in the hotel room and wait for our restaurants to reopen. While you wait, it might be fun to go to one of Montreal’s many parks and play in the snow.

Many Chinese restaurants in Montreal are worth the trip, here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Maison V.I.P.

Kam Shing, Cote-Des-Neiges 

Kam Shing, Van Horne

Vieux Kam Shing, Laval

Hong Kong, Chinatown

Beijing, Chinatown

Maison Kam Fung,

If you know of any restaurants opened on Christmas Day let me know by leaving a comment below.  Let's try and get a comprehensive list ready for next year.