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Looking for a reader's group?

Midtown Scholar Books, located on 1302 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA, at the corner of Third and Verbeke Streets, is known as the largest academic bookstore between New York and Chicago. Offering over one million books both in-store and online, Midtown Scholar Books is dedicated to preserving not only literature and the arts, but local history and community as well.

There is nothing quite like enjoying and discussing a good book. If you've been looking for a reader's group to share books, culture and good conversation, Midtown Scholar Books hosts a fiction reader's group on the first Sunday of alternating months, staring in January. Non-fiction readers will be interested to know, they also hold a non-fiction reader's group on the first Sunday of the opposite months, starting in February.

The group meets regularly at 5 P.M., and welcomes new readers. To find out what is on their current reading list so you can catch up and join the next meeting, check out their official website for a full schedule of events.