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Looking for a Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift? Try Local Gourmet Chocolates!

There are many options for delicious chocolate in Baltimore--choose a local chocolatier this year!
There are many options for delicious chocolate in Baltimore--choose a local chocolatier this year!
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Most of us have been too busy dealing with the winter wallop and subsequent dig out this week to remember or prepare for Valentine’s Day. Fear not! There are several exceptional local gourmet chocolate shops open today and tomorrow that will satisfy your Valentine’s chocolate cravings and your gift-giving needs. Don't resort to those less than impressive waxy chocolates often found in drugstores, Baltimore's fine chocolatiers are here for you!

Rheb’s Homemade Candies is a Baltimore staple. The Rheb family has been making candy since 1917 and has been selling those delicious morsels in Baltimore since 1950. They offer a wide assortment of homemade chocolates, including cherry cordials, chocolate covered nuts of every kind, truffles, creams, and caramels—all made on-site. Rheb’s is located at 3352 Wilkens Avenue. In order to accommodate last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers, they have decided to stay open later than the usual closing time of 4:45 PM on Saturday, February 13—I was told that they will be staying open until around 6 PM, and maybe later if the flow of customers keeps them busy. Though Rheb’s is usually closed on Sundays, tomorrow will also be an exception. They will open their doors at 9:30 tomorrow morning and not close again until 3 PM for those of you who are still waiting for those plows. One thing to note, on holidays there can be a long line, but don’t be deterred, there are plenty of staff members behind the counter to keep it moving along and get your order filled quickly.

Another local chocolatier to consider is Glarus. Glarus has locations in Harbor East and Timonium and is open from 11 AM - 7 PM on Saturdays and 12 PM-5 PM on Sundays. Glarus has been in business in and around Baltimore since 2004. Their chocolates are handmade in small batches at their Timonium location from a family recipe developed in Switzerland. Glarus proudly uses “single origin” chocolate of grand cru quality and includes no preservatives or artificial ingredients. In addition to barks, chocolate bars, and truffles, Glarus is offering an assortment of Valentine’s days specials. These specials include chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate heart or rose lollipops, heart-shaped packaging and more.

One final chocolatier making outstanding local chocolate is Cacao Lorenzo in Timonium. Cacao Lorenzo’s award-winning chocolates are created from “Old Europe” recipes, the result of owner Larry McGlinchey’s study under French, Belgium, Swiss, and British master chocolatiers, and are made from only fresh, natural ingredients. For Valentine’s Day, Cacao Lorenzo has prepared a unique assortment of bon bons and French truffles, including French Cappuccino Balls, Basque Squares, Dos Corazones, Chestnut Candy, Lavender Flower, Kirsch, Poire William Truffle Cream, and Hazelnut Gianduja. They offer a variety of romantically themed boxes, including the Tresor Cache, or Hidden Treasures, box and the Love Letters box to impress your love. Cacao Lorenzo will be open today from 10 AM – 5 PM and to fulfill Valentine’s Day demand, they will be opening their doors tomorrow from 10 AM – 5 PM as well.

The roads are clearing, the stores are open, and Baltimore’s talented local chocolatiers have delicious and affordable goodies that are guaranteed to impress your Valentine. What are you waiting for?


  • Jess 5 years ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Sounds yummy! I'll definitely be grabbing me some chocolates!

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