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Looking for a good graduate school to make a difference in life?

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A Graduate-School Fair hosted in Ann Arbor will take place on Wednesday, October 20, from 5 - 8 p.m., at the University of Michigan’s Union Building at 530 South State Road.

If you considering Graduate School in the immediate future be sure to check out this great opportunity to meet with representatives from 75 local, national, and international programs focusing on Nonprofit Management, Public Health, Public Policy, Social Work, Education, International Affairs, and many other fields, and learn about their admissions process and about how to make yourself a stronger candidate for graduate school. Artist can do a lot in this world to make a difference and to help others messages become more clear through amazing designs. People that do nonprofit work and use related educational means to reach people sometimes lack the clear design to get their message heard.

For free registration and included schools visit: and select Ann Arbor from the list of cities on the right hand side of the web site.