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Looking for a change in appearance? Look Mod!

Mustard yellow mini dress by JCrew.
Mustard yellow mini dress by JCrew.
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New year, new you.  Begin your change with your appearance.  As opposed to subjecting yourself to the same day-to-day outfit, reach out for new pieces if a whole new look isn't just something you can jump into.  A style example to try?  Go mod!  It isn't just about bold pieces in the average black and white anymore.

Back in the 1950s, when Mary Quant came up with Mod, it was all about bold black and white, zippers, shine, and geometric shapes.  Some might have even thought that that would be what people in the 2000s would dress like.  They were only partially right.  Today, Selma Blair is one celebrity that can be found in the iconic pieces:  mini skirts, flat boots, and even big, bold statement coats.  However, the A-Line Mini Dress is one of the most well known articles from the time and it looks fantastic on every shape.  What a better way to incorporate fishnet stockings, fashionable colored tights, ankle boots, and clothes already in our closets?  Don't forget to check the lining of the dress though, because cotton and twill dresses will cling to tights.  The best materials are those that are made of or lined in smooth, medium weight fabrics.  These fabrics will keep shape and not bunch up.  What about the long-sleeve shirt/turtleneck you can't find anything else to pair with or just love it entirely too much that you've ran out of things to wear it with?  The ideal piece and a perfect way to debut a new you:  A-Line Mini Dress!

For those not so courageous, you may consider investing in a black stovepipe pant.  The pant will become a staple piece in your closet that can be worn all year long.  In winter it is especially sexy with simple pieces including:  a long coat, fisherman's sweater, and tall boots (get them in a great color for that extra little pop!).

Mod is pretty constant.  It doesn't incorporate many changes and often is just a style women are afraid to try.  The great thing about Mod is it is never too casual or too dressy, so it can be worn anywhere.  Start out with a bag if the above ideas don't seem in the realm of possibility.  Focus on oversize hardware and the use of color.  Chloe and Marc Jacobs are just two examples of designers incorporating this style into theirs.

Where else can Mod be found?  Check out the Betsey Johnson store, Nordstrom, JCrew (pictured), or even numerous online sites.  With options and ideas in front of you, what excuse can possibly be made?  As our mothers love to say about food we're skeptical about:  you never know unless you try.  There's no harm in that!